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Calculate Each Way Bets

So your each way bet has won? Simply select your stake and and enter the odds of you bet and you can quickly see what you have won.

Depending on the type of race and the number of runners in the race you will either be paid at 1/4 or 1/5 the win odds for the place part of your each way bet.

You will receive 1/4 the odds in any handicap race and any 5-7 runner non-handicap race. In all other non handicap races you will be paid out at 1/5 the odds in all weight-for-age races.

You are paid out on three places on all 8 - 15 runner races, two places on 5 - 7 runner races and four places in 16 runner and upwards handicap races.

If you place an each way bet on any race with 4 or less runners you will only be paid out on winning with the place part of your each way bet becoming a win single.

£100 Each way at 125/1
£5 Each way at 200/1
£20 Each way at 300/1
50p Each way at 5/1
£2.50 Each way at 11/1
£1.50 Each way at 13/2
£1 Each way at 22/1
£10 Each way at 9/2
£25 Each way at 11/10
25p Each way at 13/8
£2 Each way at 7/4
£50 Each way at 100/1

17 Apr 2015

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