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Event BSP IP Max IP Min IP Traded
15/2/2020 3:50 Haydock, 3m Hcap Hrd C2 Right handed track. Galloping (Heavy, 3m 58y, finished: 7/10)
Track detailsHaydock Park , 3m 58y, Heavy
JockeyKielan WoodsSP33/1
Value£12996Race details5yo+
71.51 (36.940) 4.30 £5023.38
21/4/2018 4:05 Ayr, 4m Grd3 Hcap Chs C1 Right handed track. Galloping (Good, 3m 7f 176y, finished: pu/29)
Track detailsAyr, 3m 7f 176y, Good
JockeyDavy RussellSP7/1
Value£122442Race details5yo+
10.50 (11.335) 6.20 £23651.88
27/10/2017 3:45 Cheltenham, 3m Nov Chs C2 Right handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Good, 3m 80y (Old), finished: 2/5)
Track detailsCheltenham, 3m 80y (Old), Good
JockeyDavy RussellSP13/8
Value£15640Race details5yo+
2.70 (2.803) 1.37 £134778.70
28/9/2017 4:30 Perth, 2m4f Nov Chs C3 Right handed track. Very Sharp (Heavy, 2m 4f 20y, finished: 2/4)
Track detailsPerth, 2m 4f 20y, Heavy
JockeyRichard JohnsonSP2/1
Value£7507Race details4yo+
3.36 (3.615) 1.46 £72984.02
5/7/2017 4:40 Perth, 3m Nov Chs C4 Right handed track. Very Sharp Winner! (Good, 2m 7f 180y, finished: 1/5)
Track detailsPerth, 2m 7f 180y, Good
JockeyDavy RussellSP15/8
Value£4431Race details5yo+
2.98 (3.653) 3.45 £116590.32
1/1/2017 2:40 Fairyhouse, 2m5f Beg Chs Left handed track. Galloping stamina track (Soft, 2m 5f 100y, finished: pu/8)
Track detailsFairyhouse, 2m 5f 100y, Soft
JockeyKeith DonoghueSP4/1
Value£13000Race details5yo+
6.32 (5.671) 5.80 £8438.28
20/4/2016 3:15 Perth, 3m Nov Hrd C2 Right handed track. Very Sharp (Good, 2m 7f 207y, finished: 4/4)
Track detailsPerth, 2m 7f 207y, Good
JockeyRichard JohnsonSP11/8
Value£11261Race details5yo+
2.58 (2.312) 2.32 £75759.24
18/3/2016 2:50 Cheltenham, 3m Grd1 Nov Hrd C1 Right handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Good, 2m 7f 213y (New), finished: 2/19)
Track detailsCheltenham, 2m 7f 213y (New), Good
JockeyDavy RussellSP33/1
Value£68340Race details4yo+
57.65 (43.030) 1.55 £24904.56
7/2/2016 3:30 Musselburgh, 3m Nov Hrd C2 Left handed track. (Gd/Sft, 2m 7f 180y, finished: 2/4)
Track detailsMusselburgh, 2m 7f 180y, Gd/Sft
JockeyRichard JohnsonSP6/4
Value£14389Race details4yo+
2.74 (2.609) 1.25 £81825.04
7/12/2015 12:15 Musselburgh, 1m7f Nov Hrd C4 Left handed track. Winner! (Soft, 1m 7f 124y, finished: 1/5)
Track detailsMusselburgh, 1m 7f 124y, Soft
JockeyRichard JohnsonSP1/7
Value£3899Race details4yo to 6yo
1.15 (1.322) 1.22 £176994.66
26/10/2015 4:25 Ayr, 2m NHF C6 Right handed track. Galloping Winner! (Good, 2m, finished: 1/8)
Track detailsAyr, 2m, Good
JockeyRichard JohnsonSP5/6
Value£1711Race details4yo to 6yo
1.94 (2.161) 3.30 £124268.32
24/9/2015 5:30 Perth, 2m NHF C6 Right handed track. Very Sharp Winner! (Gd/Sft, 2m 47y, finished: 1/9)
Track detailsPerth, 2m 47y, Gd/Sft
JockeyRichard JohnsonSP11/8
Value£2053Race details4yo to 6yo
2.47 (2.909) 2.60 £145871.46
3/7/2014 5:30 Perth, 2m NHF C5 Right handed track. Very Sharp (Gd/Frm, 2m 110y, finished: 3/5)
Track detailsPerth, 2m 110y, Gd/Frm
JockeyGraham WattersSP4/6
Value£3000Race details4yo to 6yo
1.77 (2.087) 1.11 £108180.86

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