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Event BSP IP Max IP Min IP Traded
13/3/2018 5:30 Cheltenham, 2m4f Listed Nov Hcap Chs C1 Right handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Soft, 2m 4f 78y (Old), finished: 2/19)
Track detailsCheltenham, 2m 4f 78y (Old), Soft
JockeyJeremiah McGrathSP12/1
Value£39865Race details5yo+ (0-145)
18.89 (12.462) 1.66 £69132.98
16/2/2018 2:10 Fakenham, 2m Nov Chs C3 Right handed track. Winner! (Soft, 2m 59y, finished: 1/5)
Track detailsFakenham, 2m 59y, Soft
JockeyJeremiah McGrathSP2/7
Value£7408Race details5yo+
1.31 (1.435) 1.30 £195230.46
7/1/2018 1:05 Plumpton, 2m1f Nov Chs C3 Right handed track. (Heavy, 2m 214y, finished: ur/3)
Track detailsPlumpton, 2m 214y, Heavy
JockeyJeremiah McGrathSP1/7
Value£7343Race details5yo+
1.16 (1.177) 1.13 £74616.82
21/12/2017 1:55 Towcester, 2m Nov Chs C3 Right handed track. Winner! (Gd/Sft, 2m 20y, finished: 1/4)
Track detailsTowcester, 2m 20y, Gd/Sft
JockeyNico de BoinvilleSP8/11
Value£6330Race details4yo+
1.83 (1.834) 2.26 £214972.14
29/4/2017 4:10 Sandown, 2m5f Grd2 Hrd C1 Left handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Good, 2m 5f 110y, finished: 8/8)
Track detailsSandown Park, 2m 5f 110y, Good
JockeyJeremiah McGrathSP5/1
Value£28475Race details4yo+
7.01 (8.637) 5.00 £12516.12
7/4/2017 1:40 Aintree, 2m4f Grd3 Hcap Hrd C1 Right handed track. National: Galloping, Mildmay: sharp bends Winner! (Good, 2m 4f, finished: 1/22)
Track detailsAintree, 2m 4f, Good
JockeyJeremiah McGrathSP10/1
Value£39389Race details4yo+
14.37 (12.554) 14.50 £119953.40
17/3/2017 4:50 Cheltenham, 2m4f Hcap Hrd C2 Right handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Good, 2m 4f 56y (New), finished: ur/23)
Track detailsCheltenham, 2m 4f 56y (New), Good
JockeyCharlie DeutschSP10/1
Value£40664Race details4yo+ (0-145)
11.71 (15.878) 11.50 £1299.40
4/2/2017 12:40 Sandown, 2m Nov Hrd C3 Left handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Heavy, 1m 7f 216y, finished: 2/9)
Track detailsSandown Park, 1m 7f 216y, Heavy
JockeyNed CurtisSP5/4
Value£6498Race details4yo+
2.39 (2.643) 1.72 £75172.68
26/12/2016 12:45 Huntingdon, 2m3f Nov Hrd C4 Right handed track. Galloping Winner! (Gd/Sft, 2m 3f 137y, finished: 1/12)
Track detailsHuntingdon, 2m 3f 137y, Gd/Sft
JockeyJeremiah McGrathSP1/2
Value£3249Race details4yo+
1.55 (1.675) 1.55 £151560.06
6/10/2016 2:00 Hereford, 2m Nov Hrd C4 Right handed track. Winner! (Good, 2m 53y, finished: 1/9)
Track detailsHereford, 2m 53y, Good
JockeyAndrew TinklerSP1/2
Value£3899Race details4yo to 6yo
1.56 (1.597) 1.57 £174239.26
16/3/2016 5:30 Cheltenham, 2m Grd1 NHF C1 Right handed track. Galloping, uphill finish (Good, 2m 87y (Old), finished: 9/23)
Track detailsCheltenham, 2m 87y (Old), Good
JockeyAndrew TinklerSP50/1
Value£39865Race details4yo to 6yo
95.00 (88.429) 44.00 £899.36
24/2/2016 5:10 Doncaster, 2m NHF C6 Right handed track. Galloping (Good, 2m 140y, finished: 2/9)
Track detailsDoncaster, 2m 140y, Good
JockeyAndrew TinklerSP11/8
Value£1949Race details4yo to 6yo
2.52 (2.290) 1.01 £149986.68
16/12/2015 3:40 Ludlow, 1m6f NHF C4 Right handed track. Very Sharp Winner! (Soft, 1m 6f 7y, finished: 1/8)
Track detailsLudlow, 1m 6f 7y, Soft
JockeyAndrew TinklerSP6/4
Value£3899Race details4yo to 5yo
2.72 (2.870) 7.00 £138871.54
10/5/2015 5:15 Ludlow, 2m NHF C5 Right handed track. Very Sharp (Gd/Frm, 2m, finished: ur/9)
Track detailsLudlow, 2m, Gd/Frm
JockeyAndrew TinklerSP7/4
Value£5000Race details4yo to 6yo
3.00 (2.046) 3.05 £1124.34