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Mrs Julie Wadland

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£0.00 Bet at £1.00 level stakes would result in a profit of £0.00 at industry SP. The same bets placed at Betfair SP would show a profit of £0.00 to £1.00 level stakes.

Today's Runners

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The trainers runners for today and all other trainer statistics are updated around 9.30am each day.

Recent Runners

Date Race Horse Placed SP f/c SP M.AVG BSP IP
8th Apr 21 16:05 Aintree 2m5f Hunt Chs Golden Tobouggan / 125/1 76.46 97.81 15.50 (15%)
3rd Mar 21 15:45 Wincanton 2m4f Hunter's Chs Golden Tobouggan / 28/1 10.83 13.14 5.10 (34%)