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Laying Favourites On Betfair

Laying Favourites On Betfair

>Favourites win a large percentage of races because they are usually the best horses in the field. Laying or either backing favourites blindly will cost you money in the long run as the market is usually right in the long run with the prices of horses on the exchange markets.

Highest Rated In-running performers

Below are the top 12 rated in-running horses to have run in the last 8 weeks. You can also view the top 100 rated horses during the last 12 weeks here on the Highest Rated In-running Horses page.

Horse name 50% BSP Rating
Weightfordave 5 (100%)
Mick Thonic 5 (100%)
Catchment 5 (100%)
Nicholas T 6 (100%)
The Major 6 (86%)
Vive Ma Fille 11 (100%)
Just Hiss 6 (86%)
Moon Over Germany 6 (86%)
Stop The Wages 5 (100%)
Atlantic Sun 6 (100%)
Lowrie 5 (83%)
Vibrant Chords 6 (86%)

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