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International Horse Race Betting

International Horse Race Betting

With traditional bets placed on domestic racing, you can either bet with the UKs bookies or go to the exchanges but you have a third option with international horse racing to bet in to the foreign pari-mutual pools.

Highest Rated In-running performers

Below are the top 12 rated in-running horses to have run in the last 8 weeks. You can also view the top 100 rated horses during the last 12 weeks here on the Highest Rated In-running Horses page.

Horse name 50% BSP Rating
Sammyjade 5 (100%)
Weightfordave 5 (100%)
Mick Thonic 5 (100%)
Catchment 5 (100%)
The Major 6 (86%)
Sea Fox 5 (100%)
Rosabelle 5 (100%)
A Little Magic 5 (100%)
Nicholas T 7 (100%)
Just Hiss 7 (88%)
Stop The Wages 5 (100%)
Lowrie 5 (83%)

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