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Play Through Casino Bonus Using the Martingale System

Martingale System for Roulette

What is the Martingale System

The martingale system is a doubling up strategy primarily used on Roulette but you could also use it in other games a little more loosely like Blackjack.

The concept is simple, you start with a single bet and if it loses you then place the bet again but double the stake. You carry on doubling your stakes to you win and then you revert back to the single bet and start the sequence again from the beginning. Each time you win you have made a single bet win.

Martingale System for Roulette

The Martingale System was designed for roulette. You would be either looking to play odd or even numbers, red or black or high or low numbers. These all pay even money and are perfect for the Martingale System with only the house zero swaying the percentage in favour of the house.

Martingale System for Blackjack

This system can work for Blackjack, especially if you stick to perfect Blackjack strategy. You may end up with slightly longer losing streaks but hitting Blackjack will win you one and a half times your stake so you will also have much bigger wins. It will work but it’s going to be more volatile.

Risks with the Martingale System

The Martingale system sounds like an easy way to make money and if you had an unlimited amount of money then that is not far from the truth but in reality we don’t have unlimited money and the house protects itself with table limits. The down side to this type of bet is that just a losing sequence of 5 bets will have you staking 32 bets on the next round to win just one bet. You will have also have already lost 31 bets. If you are playing with £1 stakes you would need a bank of £63 to get through 6 losing bets and the next one is going to cost you £64.

If you were to use the Martingale System in the long term it’s going lose you large amounts of money when you eventually hit a long losing streak. But if you were to use this system to play through a casino bonus where the casino is giving you extra funds then it can help you get through moderate losing runs early on. If you manage to avoid a large losing sequence early on then you’ll start to build your bank that will help you manage longer losing streaks.

Tips for Playing Through the Bonus Using the Martingale System

Make sure the casino allows play on either roulette or Blackjack to count toward your bonus play-through requirements. Very few casinos include these table games in their bonus play through requirements as they can be beat with good play, they want you to play slots! Most will count a percentage towards the play-through requirement like 10%, which means every £1 you stake only counts as 10p. Some casinos completely disallow these games so always check before committing any of your money.

Only have as much money in your casino account you are prepared to lose. Calculate how many rounds of the martingale you would like to cover from the start and deposit enough money to get a bonus that with your own money will cover that many rounds. If your aim is to cover 6 rounds (5 losses to £31 and then a bet of £32) then you win need a total bank of £63. After 64 winning bets you will have made enough to see you through a losing streak of 7.

I have never heard of a casino not allowing the Martingale System but there will be table limits that could affect you staking plan so it’s best to check. You are sure to have losing streaks which will contribute more money on a single spin to your play-through requirements and as long as it doesn’t bust you then it’s a bonus.

Lastly, If you hit a losing streak and lose your whole bank don’t chase your loses and deposit any more money, write off you loss and try another time with a different bonus.

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